Random Site:

My Serene Paradise
Stardust; a brand new site with all my newest pixels and the blog of an 18 year old Uni student XD

Rank Site In Out
1 BubblesSOC
Blog + Goodies + Bubs = FUN!!
0 3252
2 jemjabella
the blog of girl geek & php ninja; jem. web developer, mum and crazy cat lady talks about parenting, pets and php...
0 2557
3 Cherry.nu
The daily thoughts of Lisa with some pixel goodies thrown in for you.
0 2069
4 Sugar-Baby
A personal blog belonging to a sick, homeless, teenage girl.
0 1091
5 craftEcreationz
This is my graphics site of pixels along with my qbee quilt and links to family site and sigtag site.
0 1664
6 Trusted Faith
A personal blog about me with a few resources for visitors as well.. :)
0 899
7 bliitz.com
a personal domain of a stay at home mom & sitter...
0 1321
8 Little Hands
Pixel site with adoptables, emoticons, line art, blinkie maker and more!
0 1246
9 Timidity.org
A blog, some pixels, and a bunch of other online junk :D
0 2643
10 Melly.me
The blog and randomness of Melissa, a girl geek. Coding tutorials, media reviews, and lots more!
0 2204
11 Lluvia de Abril
Blog-Art full of PixelArt-Cross-Stitch-Drawings-Handmade and Kawaii stuff for you ^_^ I acept comissions!
0 1734
12 rainbow-stuff
a colorful place to find graphics, read my journal, look at photos, snuggle up with my q*bee quilt, and more!
0 2478
13 The Ravenous Rabbit
A unique blog with thoughts written down by a kid with a dream. It has visitors content too! :D
0 1124
14 Comotized.Com
Personal blog with visitor content owned by a quirky, shoe-hating, coffee-addicted & often times mouthy webmistress.
0 1484
15 Strawberry-Gashes
My personal domain with my blog & lots of visitor & newbie webmaster content including : pixels, graphics, icons, cursors, smileys, plug board, help & advice etc! I'm always adding new stuff so come visit me often!!
0 2813
16 Poetic Frog
personal site with pixels, blog and some other stuff! :)
0 1723
17 sillylittlepanda.com
Personal site, includes graphics made by the owner, lots of content, and tutorials.
0 1552
18 Moonthology.org
Hanna's little poetry site.
0 1658
19 la CCDiane
All you need about pixels and web goodies, plus activities and resources.
0 1464
20 Just-Stranger.com
My personal blog!
0 1393
21 Eclipsed Moon
Pixels, Geekiness, and Kawaii all rolled into a Katherine sized roll. Come on in and have some fun.
0 1100
22 Mockingjay.org
This is my little piece of the Internet. Here is my personal blog, articles, essays & poems. I also love to rant on topics, and just talk about my day or opinions.
0 998
23 Badgirls Dollz
My personal site full of palace dolls, some I have created, doll-makers, graphics, glitters and more.
0 1315
24 Fractured Beauty
A personal blog with lots of visitor content including smilies, moods, avatars, etc.
0 1006
25 My Serene Paradise
Stardust; a brand new site with all my newest pixels and the blog of an 18 year old Uni student XD
0 1317
blog of a 27yr SAHG Michigan [usa] #bee #epilepsyadvocate
0 597
27 Sophi Belle
An elegant site with lots of content, such as unique hq desktop wallies, avatars, emote sets, adoptables, doll bases, pretty sozai and much more. Updates often!
0 987
28 Fireyred[dot]com
Fireyred[dot]com is the personal domain & blog of a thirty-something year old Australian girl. Here you'll find out all kinds of things about me and my journey called life. I'll leave it up to you to decide if you believe it's interesting, odd or pointless.
0 1602
29 My Little Pixels
A lovely site with nice pixels. Wordpress themes membersarea Signatures and much much more to see! Just come and see yourself! *Hugs*
0 1513
30 Mikachu dot me
Just a little quirky... A classic blog of a lady in her mid-20s, working through the motions of life none-too-extraordinary.
0 979
31 Cupkate.org
Cupkate.org is my personal website, online blog and expressive outlet. I hope you enjoy your visit!
0 817
32 Oh So Ang!
All Ang, all the time!
0 936
33 Angelgloss
Kay's blog ^-^ Made with all things cute!
0 807
34 tiffy.me
A web portfolio stuffed with amateur doodletry.
0 773
35 Otaku No Ai
A cute mini website by Jenn, full of fun pixels and graphics for you all made with love.
0 797
36 Ribbonhood
My Narnia, my Chamber of Secrets, my Wonderland.
0 808
37 Fly High, Rocketship!
A personal blog with a bunch of content for visitors including freebies and tutorials ^_^
0 702
A blog of a quicky nerdette and a jill of *some* trades named Adri. (formerly known as ADRIATASTIC!)
0 772
39 Vampirmaniac
A cute site offering pixel goodies such as adoptables, emoticons and sozai.
0 559
40 Duckyfeet
I love cute!
0 660
41 Love Flakes
Misaki's personal domain! Made with lots of love, a few rants, a few nendoroids, and a few pixels.
0 816
42 Expl0sive
A lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, traveling, and more!
0 643